Not your Average Accounting Team

Our clients become an extension of our family and as such are very important to us. Our mission is to maximize your wealth and well being through the effective use of taxation, investment and retirement planning strategies. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional, dedicated and efficient service that will exceeding your expectations.

Upon welcoming you into our practice, your company will be assigned an Account Representative. This specialized member of our team will handle all particulars of your account such as bookkeeping, payroll, GST, CRA Correspondence and client inquires. They are also instrumental in preparing the working paper file for the Accountant to provide accounting and taxation completion.

Your Account Representative becomes an integral part of your team and is dedicated to supporting and assisting your business needs along with actively collaborating with our Senior Accounting Team for any and all matters related to your account. In short, not only are you receiving an Accounting Representative you are gaining a whole accounting team!