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Consistent accounting is an essential practice for any business, but especially for small and medium-sized businesses in which financial fluctuations can have a major impact. Maintaining best practices is a challenge when you have so many priorities competing for your attention. Are you missing essential insights that could inform key business decisions?

At Reion, we provide you with quick access to decades of experience and reliable guidance. Our accounting services can equip you with the critical data and thorough statement preparations that you need to succeed.


How We Help

Flexible enough to meet your needs at any level, we can provide in-depth accounting insights or support as you need it across a wide range of activities. Potential tasks that we can handle for you based on your requirements include:

  • Filing your tax returns, including GST/HST, provincial taxes, and sales tax
  • Monthly corporate tax estimations based on current numbers for more robust planning
  • Regular report production, including balance sheets and income statements

When you have no need to worry about or spend time on the tedious accounting tasks in your business, you'll unlock more time to devote to its growth—or to regaining the ideal work-life balance that you want to achieve. We make sharing critical data quick and easy for your team.

Our highly digitised services save you from endless trips to the accountant's office while empowering us to work swiftly and provide five-star service. We can capture data as it enters your systems and provide you with relevant reports without any delays.

How We Deliver Our Services

Flexibility and accessibility are essential elements for any firm that supports your accounting practices to possess. At Reion, we provide a range of service packages designed to provide our clients with the opportunity to select only the solutions that they need—never too much or too little. We offer support for our clients in three formats.

  • Do it yourself—for savvy business owners who are up to date on their books and only need support for year-end accounting and other heavy-duty tasks.
  • Let us do it for you—we'll handle everything, providing monthly services and regular accounting insights so that you can strategise accordingly.
  • A hybrid collaboration—we provide some essential accounting services for you, such as supporting accounts payable and receivable, while you handle the rest.

With Reion, you can transition from one service package to another based on your needs. We're here to help you grow, and to grow with you. As a fully virtualised firm with robust cloud architecture, we're capable of providing your business with attentive and responsive service anywhere in Canada.

Taking the Next Steps With Reion Today

From monthly bookkeeping to all-around accounting services, our experience and reliability make us an asset for any small or medium business owner. Enjoy more freedom to run your business the way that you want without the stress that accompanies overwhelming financial tasks.

Let us help you build a better way to work today. Contact us now for more information.

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